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                    Store Products

We offer a wider variety of pond supplies at our retail store than on our online store. We have everything from fish food, medication to all the plumbing and items need to build and maintain your pond. Please call for our prices as they may be different than the online prices due to sales or clearance.


We sell imported Japanese koi and American butterfly koi After our fish arrive they are quarantined prior to being available for purchase. We have koi in many sizes from 4 inch to 20+ inches. Koi prices start at $25.00 and go up from there. We have several sales throughout the year.

                Shubunkin Goldfish

These are a great addition to any pond large or small. They come in many colors and have long fins. They are a hardy fish reaching sizes of 9 to 12 inches in optimal conditions. Prices  $10.00 each or 3 for $27.00


We have a large selection of pond and bog plants: lotus, lilies, floating plants, grasses, reeds and shallow water plants. There are many plants that do well in streams or bogs. We also sell floating islands for ponds that are too deep for most plants and are a nice addition to any pond.


New to owning a pond? Or need advice on upgrading your system? Pond consultations are available.

Other services offered:

  • Pond Cleaning

  • Pond maintenance

  • Installation of pumps, filters, UV lights and other equipment

  • Pond Vacuum rentals $65.00 a day

For more information please call 530-365-5151

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