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  • Formulated for water temperatures below 60°F

  • Cleans up excessive aquatic debris

  • Reduces pond water maintenance

  • Removes ammonia and reduces sludge through nitrification

  • Improves filter performance by increasing bacteria colonies

  • Won't harm fish or plants


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Use Real Clear® CW™ as a cold water biological treatment to prepare pond for winter and as a regular winter time additive for maintaining pond water conditions.  Much like Real Clear® AK™ and/or Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier™, use Real Clear® CW™ to control excessive aquatic debris and for maintaining effective biological filter performance during periods affected by low temperatures.

    •     Use 1 oz. per 250 gals. water
    •     Repeat weekly or as a winter prep for ponds that develop ice
    •     Shake well before each use
    •     Shelf life: 2 years
    •     Store at room temperature
    •     Safe for all fish and plants
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