• Islands available in five sizes: Mini 8 X 5inches, Small 10 X 7inches, Medium 13 X 10inches, Large 17X 14 inches and Extra-large 23 X 20inches.

  • A floating bog and perennial plant container for any pond

  • Have plants in any depth of pond and where you want them

  • Container is Non-toxic and UV protected

  • Tough, durable and long-lasting construction

  • Reusable year after year

  • No need for stacked bricks and crates

  • Great cover and shade for fish

  • Excellent for sedges, rushes, mosses and many flowering perennials

Small World Island


    Whether your pond is in the sun or shade you can have blooming plants, here is a small list of plants that will grow in the floaters: Primroses, impatiens, fuchsias- tender and hardy, begonias, ferns, blueberries, maple, hostas, bleeding hearts, forget-me-nots, goatsbeard, violets, meadow rue, saxifrage, English daisy, Solomon’s seal, trilliums, carnivorous plants, mosses, willow trees, birch trees, cypress, alder, astilbe, calla lily, hydrangea, red and yellow twig dogwood, bamboo, Siberian, Japanese and Louisiana iris, lobelia, rhodies, azaleas, and nasturtiums. These plants are common in most areas, and each area will have many more to choose from. These islands are only limited by your imagination.

    You can simply arrange plants in the floater and fill with an aquatic soil or you can decorate the outside of the planter before you plant. Islands are suitable for aquatic plants and several annuals or perennials.

    Experiment and have fun!